2 thoughts on “The Nomad”

  1. Wow. Just honestly that was probably the most passionate and honest thing I have ever read. I think you are incredible. Reading the stories you have encountered face to face I just think it’s amazing to hear from someone like you that this is the real truth! I try every single day to wake people up to the truth and I’m told I’m the crazy one and all my truths are conspiracys. We as a race don’t have to be like this peace is the answer


    1. Thank you Zoey, I was touched that you found my story inspiring. In a society with an overabundance of information, it becomes easy to write certain things off as conspiracy theories. With the way modern media creates a sort of “pornography” out of all things shocking, people become quick to apathy because this media likes to leave people in perpetual shock. It erodes our passion and most people just want to turn away from it, so they can focus on other aspects of life that don’t put them into a state of turmoil and confusion with no way out. It takes a certain type of bravery, diligence and fortitude to pursue truth in this environment. It can also easily lead to self destruction if there is no support or alternative path for what can easily become obsession. There are ways to peace, and there are ways to speak truth. What truth tellers need to work on is their methods of packaging and delivering information, and ultimate we need to work on ourselves. There are terrible things happening in this world, so terrible that to face them can paralyze us in fear, guilt, and worry. This is why we have to become fearless. Seeing these things and understanding that they are there is one thing, but to commit to changing it takes clarity that can only come after we no longer fear the direction our world is taking. Our job as truth tellers is to find truth, face it, and do our absolute best to package it for a purpose that will drive us toward a solution. The perpetrators of evil cannot be viewed as archetypes of destruction baring no possibility of change. Their existence is the symptom of our lack of creativity. This creativity is inhibited by our fear, and the mortal fear we project through our truths. This is where I’m at. If peace is the answer, what questions should we be asking people to unlock the possibility for them to understand this answer for themselves? Then what can we identify as necessary actions for individuals to implement in their own lives to live in solidarity with this answer? Step one for me, is to realize that your every day actions carry weight. Step two is understand the embodied effect your own life has within a collective. Step three is to take responsibility and control of this impact you create. The only way to effectively do this in a manner that is conducive to peace on the collective, is to localize our impact so that we can see it. It is unreasonable to expect those who have a vested interest in perpetuating this collective illusion of guiltless living, to sacrifice their profits and control. It’s important to understand ourselves as actors, not spectators who merely talk. We can no longer just be truth tellers, we have to be examples of our most important truth. That peace is possible, and I know this and you know this because we have already found it for ourselves. Thank you for doing what you are doing.


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