The Team

ying_yang    Brandon Bryant   scaald

The founder of Project Red Hand, Brandon joined the US Air Force in 2005, started training for the drone program April 12th of 2006, flew his first mission on December 3rd of that year, and fired his first hellfire shot on January 26th the following year . After leaving active duty on July 4th of 2011, he was the first drone operator to publicly speak out about the realities of the program. Seen on Democracy Now, CNN, Fox, published in GQ, Time Magazine, and collaborating on the the first article by The Intercept, Brandon seeks to answer all questions and get as much information to the public as possible. He was a part of Robert Greenwald’s documentary “Unmanned” and in Tonje Hessen Schei’s documentary “Drone”. He has spoken in front of the Security Council, and schools and parliaments across Europe. He advocates for transparency, questioning the nature of justice, open access to the internet, and veteran support.

krakenme Michelle Segal kraken

AKA Kraken. Spending her days raising funds for NGO’s, Michelle has spent years data nomming on American legislation and adapted policies under the current War on Terror. Radicalised by the trial of Chelsea Manning and the case of Aaron Swartz, two people her age, and specializes in international law and civil liberties. Drones had become a slight obsession and she had already been stockpiling the UN, investigative journalist, and NGO reports for years when she became teammates with Brandon in March of 2014.   Michelle is a writer and human rights activist. She seeks to write articles and work on projects that give specific data points to organize around, to bust the rhetoric of political speech, and make subjects like foreign policy widely accessible.

nomad4  Cian Westmoreland

” In 2009, I was in the USAF in Kandahar. I helped build a communications system that helped coordinated all air operations over Afghanistan through a network of individuals around the globe. When I finished, I received a bullet on my Enlisted Performance Report that I assisted 200+ enemy kills. The “+” ate at me and caused me to research further and cross reference numbers with the UN figures, and found that this number did not include civilians. My life’s work was a job that still continues to kill people in what I now believe to be an unjust war. This drove me to travel the world in search of answers, and in doing so I believe that I have found some truth. I once believed that there was an other, and realized that everything we do to this “other” we do to ourselves. I once believed in national security, and now I believe in human security. It is essential for the survival of our species and life on this earth that we all do the same and think critically of how we can move the world around us to make life safe for everyone. This is the challenge of this generation.”

Fadookie_CaduceusThe Doctor

“I go by The Doctor. Not because I have a medical degree. In fact, I don’t even have a medical degree. You see, one of my heroes is The Doctor. Any sci-fi fan can tell you exactly who he is. His tool is a sonic screwdriver. It’s not a weapon, but a device to fix things. He uses a blue police box to travel. He may never go where he wants, but always arrives where he is needed. We have this planet we’re destroying, and we’re destroying each other. Life is precious, you see no matter where you are in the world someone, somewhere, is trying to make ends meet. They are trying to provide for their family. There are farmers over in Afghanistan supporting their family. There’s a merchant in Pakistan laughing and smiling while talking to his customers and quite possibly offering them a beverage even if it is his last one, it’s customary. There is veteran sitting awake in the dark because he can’t sleep. He can’t sleep because when he closes his eyes all he sees are explosions and death. He sits alone because he doesn’t want to disturb his wife. He doesn’t want his family to have to bare his burden. There may be a North Korean soldier wishing he could defect but is scared so he continues to serve his country knowing that if he tries to leave, his family may be killed. The world is not full of bad people. There are a few, and we spin the few who are into a whole. I decided to join PRH to help spread truth and to open people’s eyes and to help whoever I might be able to. We understand it may be an uphill battle, but it’s one we’re willing to fight in order to gain transparency in how our governments operate and spread the truth. I understand the necessity of a military. What I do not understand is the misuse of it by our government. Hopefully we can make an impact.”
spacemanSpace Man 

“I’m an officer in the Marine Corps who is in the process of filing for Conscientious Objector. Project Red Hand is my avenue to share what I now know to be true. Getting to where I’m at has been a long, short, furious, and peaceful path. I’m excited for what’s next, but for now, I write.”


2 thoughts on “The Team”

  1. I am a retired U.S. Army reserve colonel and admire you for setting up Project Red Hand.

    I have been in protests at drone bases in New York, California andNevada and have interviewed victims of US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

    If I can be of any help please let me know! Ann


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